Sunday, 11 October 2015

Living in a Complex World a Simple Guide by Dr Joachim Winkler

Living in a complex World a Simple Guide by Dr Joachim Winkler is a vitally important book for those of us living in today's information rich world. Which is every one of us, pretty much.

The book contains fifty ideas that are designed to help those of us who are perhaps struggling to pick our way through a wor4ld that is drowning in information and data, yet who are starved of time to do anything about it.

The book goes through a number of topics, how the world works, what is really important in our lives and of the lives of other people. We should, argues Dr Winkler, all be encouraged to give thoughts to these topics.

The book is devised to be as short as possible and easy to understand, and it is crafted in such a way as to be a handy reference work for those who might benefit from a resource to act as a rapid reminder of some basic truths that we might already know, but which we could have forgotten in the hurly burly of everyday, modern life.

The book uses honest, straightforward language and terminology and it covers a wide range of subjects such as wealth and poverty, values, freedom, excessive demands,  the taking of risks, and not only our rights but, even more importantly, some might argue, our responsibilities, too.

It also covers time, cause and effect, the truth and the difficulties of saying 'no.'

It is 94 years of distilled wisdom published by Pen Plot and Pixel at the remarkable price of £9.99. Thats just over 10 pence a year and in that context you really cannot afford to miss the opportunity to buy this absorbing and very helpful book.

It will make a fantastic Christmas present and will be available from the That's Book and Entertainment bookshop (powered by Amazon) which is on the right hand side of this page.

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