Sunday, 11 October 2015

Charlie's World of Glittering Powers by Tracy Rawles

Charlie's World of Glittering Powers by Tracy Rawles is a fantastic must have stocking filler of a book that is going to go down a real treat with young children of eight and over, their parents and their grandparents, too!

It tells the story of Charlie was is a cigale, a type of flying insect. /charlie is a rare type of cigale, he is also known as a Snuffle-Buzzer.

But Charlie is no ordinary cigale, he is a cigale with a fairly serious problem. How would you like to be a cigale, like Charlie, who had a serious allergy disorder?

Charlie likes to know things, he is very inquisitive, very talkative and has daydreams of travel that will be filled with various adventures.

Sevi is a young girl from Cornwall. Whilst on holiday with her parents in Provence in France, she explores the local forest and discovers that the forest may be much more than she3 could ever have thought possible.

Eventually one single, solitary golden sparkle brings about a series of mystical happenings that propel Charlie and Sevi on the path toward a remarkable adventure that is more stunning and more thrilling than either of them could ever have thought possible!

There are powers to be discovered, mysteries to be solved and joys to be had for both Sevi and Charlie in this charming and exciting book. It's published by Matador at an eminently reasonable £7.99, and it is available via the Amazon-powered That's Books and Entertainment bookshop which you will find to the righthand side of this site.

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