Wednesday, 20 April 2016

If I Can touch You With a Thought

If I Can touch You With a Thought is a collection of poetry and narrative prose by Bob Levine.

Blank verse is an interesting short poem seeing the world through the veil of a cataract. (A subject which your reviewer has some personal knowledge of, so read with interest and be-stirred memories.)

Other poems touch on the fleeting memories of our childhood days, of coal fires and the black and white images flickering on the telly, the time of your life, a surprise meeting, a time when someone, or something, takes over the land of the night.

When there is someone who is, truly and really, our best friend, and we, hopefully, there's.

Thoughts that arise when one is on a bench, by the sea, just you and your thoughts.

The different feelings engendered by one species over another, memories of disasters that have already been and others that might yet be.

For a mere £6.99 you can slake your thirst for new experiences in this delightful little well of ideas and thoughts.

It's published by Matador and is available in all good bookshops, including ours. You'll find our bookshop to the right of this review.

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