Sunday, 17 April 2016

Grand Vizier of Krar Strings of Destiny

Grand Vizier of Krar Strings of Destiny is the launch of a new voice in fantasy fiction, retired lawyer W. John Tucker.

The story introduces Blan and her followers and allies.

Blan and her adherents are trying to introduce a more advanced civilisation in a far distant future time on planet Earth, which is recovering after a catastrophic calamity almost destroyed all life on it.

But they are battling with an enemy who seeks to dominate mankind and planet Earth.

Sailing ships are, again, plying the high seas and seek safe ports.

Blan would like to continue to stay living in her peaceful seaside village. But she knows this will not be possible and she has to leave her village.

Blan is kidnapped by pirates and, upon obtaining her freedom, is horrified to discover that she has fallen into the clutches of the Black Knight, who wants her for his own bedchamber.

But Blan is made of stronger material than that and she uses her knowledge and wits to confront a great evil and to fulfil what is her true destiny.

But she must also rescue her own grandfather who is injured. He is a most important man as he possesses a special, secret knowledge that is vital to the ambitions of the Black Knight.

Great and terrible forces of tremendous evil face them. They meet with apparently insurmountable odds.

But can Blan and her followers and allies face them down and succeed?

If you are a fan of fantasy novels, or if you have a fantasy novel fan to buy a present for, then buy this book at the That's Bools and Entertainment Book Shop which you will find to the right hand side of this book review.

It's a stirring and exciting book and it costs £15.99, published by Matador.

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