Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Happy Ending

Meet Harry. Harry is a widower who is only three years away from receiving his 100th birthday telegram from Her Majesty the Queen.  

So, what could Harry do? Take the morphine that his late wife had squirreled away to ease her passing, but had never taken?

Or would he while away his last remaining years in a nursing home, dozing in front of the telly with other people of his own age?

Not a chance of that! Because Harry decides that he was not going to do either of those things. He decided that, with the help of his late wife, he would do something completely and utterly different.

He becomes involved with a rich panoply of vibrant characters as he decides to join become a modern day William Wilberforce and join the campaign to help stamp out modern day slavery and people trafficking.

The author David Stokes draws Harry as a very sympathetic man who, though he would describe himself  as being a rather ordinary chap, turns out be be an extraordinary person, indeed.

Harry was thinking of ending it all, when his life suddenly took a dramatic new turn when an angel crashed into his house. Or rather, took his gate out with her car in a snowstorm.

This was how Harry met Bituin (it's Tagalog for "Star") and learns of Mr Sharma, his wealthy family and the modern slave trade.

This is the story of what Harry does, with the help of Betty and Bituin, to help bring justice to the modern slave traders.

It's a story that is both amusing, heartening and also a romantic tale, even though one of the loved ones is now in the cemetery over the road.

It's published by Matador at £9.99 and can be bought here

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