Friday, 5 January 2018

Night Shelter

Former lawyer and nine book novelist Gil Hogg has brought in Night Shelter a harrowing tail of drugs, prostitution, homelessness, murder and corruption in both high and low places.

Jimmy Morton is a supervisor at the Night Shelter which is at the heart of this story. It provides some respite for the homeless people of central London.

Jimmy finds himself inadvertently involved in the murder of a local prostitute called Eva, who was found dead in a tenement in Butcher's Row,

The Night Shelter's director and a guest of his, one Arnold Catesby decided to have a bit of a boys' night out. Of the kind of boys' night out that involves a booze and drug-fuelled sex party at an adjacent pub, which, coincidentally (or not?) took place not very far from where Eva's body was discovered.

Onto the scene comes Chief Inspector Dan Hamish from Scotland Yard. He's out to look after his own back and he is perhaps a little too cynical.

He learns that Eva was also at the party, but it's his belief that Catesby and his ilk are too well protected to touch.

However, he interrogates the members of the group individually and they all reassure CI Hamish that they all have solid insurance.

What do they mean by the terms "solid" and "insurance"?

And what might happen when the policy comes due?

This is a very intelligently written and very believable gritty thriller which can be bought here

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