Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Every Shade of Blue

Every Shade of Blue is a new novel by Linzi Drew-Honey.

It tells the story of what happens when Suzanne Perry-Jackson is cruelly dumped by her husband of two decades when he trades her in for a much younger woman.

Suzanne's life as she knew it, an easeful, comfortable, relatively simplistic world, is suddenly smashed to bits.

Within a couple of months of the break-up, Suzanne meets Angelo Azzurro. He is a stranger with the ability to capture her heart.

He senses that she is hurting and vulnerable and he lures her into a world of a sadomasochistic sex.

She decides that this event, a liberating, though painful, encounter will be a one off event. A moment of lunacy.

She later meets with the man of her dreams, a stunningly handsome orthopaedic surgeon,  Sebastian Black.

But Angelo is not a man to be thwarted. He is dangerous and is not used to people saying "no" to him.

So he kidnaps her and keeps her entrapped.

When Suzanne vanishes, Sebastian is frantic. He is fully aware that Angelo is behind the disappearance of his beloved Suzanne.

Will he find her? Can he save her from Angelo?

This novel is published by Troubadour in paperback at £8.99.

It will be available through the That's Books and Entertainment online bookshop, just to the right-hand side of this book review.

(EDITOR: This is a very raunchy book, so not for the faint of heart. In fact one description of it is: "Every Shade of Blue makes 50 Shades of Grey read like a brochure for a chandlery shop!")

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