Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dickens Study Guide

Author Lee Fisher Gray has produced a labour of love with his book Dickens Study Guide.

He presents a complete catalogue of all the characters of the stories of Charles Dickens. All the men, women and children who Dickens used to populate his novels.

He deals with in excess of 200 characters covering all of Dickens' 15 novels and three of his shorter fictional works.

He catalogues them all but more than that he gives a complete yet concise account of all of the characters, who or what they are, their place within the story and their influence upon the plot of the story.

He employs descriptions originated by  Dickens himself. Lee Fisher Gray resisted the temptation to provide over blown "littérateur" friendly characterisations. This book is obviously intended as a practical reference work for the serious scholar of the works of Charles Dickens and for those who love the novels of this great English novelist.

The That's Books and Entertainment Charles Dickens expert said: "The author has done lengthy and in-depth research of all of the works of Charles Dickens. It is a genuine Labour of love.

"The cross-referencing is excellent and the information is very well presented. I can recommend this to everyone who has any interest in Charles Dickens whatsoever."

The book also contains a quiz that will be a fun read for fans of Charles Dickens, but also serves a more serious purpose of offering puzzle-setters and crossword compilers a valuable resource.

The book is available in paperback from Matador and costs a remarkably reasonable £12.99. It's worth pre-buying for Christmas 2015 for the Christmas stocking of any Dickensophile.

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