Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Charming! Over 66,800 Cinderella products available on eBay!

As Cinderella hits the cinemas og the UK, it seems people who can’t have access to a Fairy Godmother of their own are flocking to online marketplace instead.

There are in excess of 66,800 ‘Cinderella’ related products from tutu-style dresses to blonde wigs. And what's more, has sold over 550 glass slippers and 1,000 Prince Charming costumes in the past three months.

And shoe listings on eBay seemingly to match the "real life" Cinderella story, as has over 260 “left shoes” 4,100 “right shoes” on sale.

As eBay Spokesperson, Laura Wilkinson-Rea says, “It seems you don’t have to be Lily James to star in your own Cinderella story. Far from turning mice into horses, a simple click could help you live happily eBay after.”

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