Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Elephant Tree

The Elephant Tree is a book for children by Melanie Dore.

It tells the story of how a family move from their modern home to an older, somewhat shabby new home.

Yet Jessica realises there is a great deal to learn about the house. Not only are there boxes filled with ancient diaries, there is wonderful garden to explore that is overgrown and filled with possibilities of adventure. Including the mysterious elephant tree and the previous inhabitants of the house and their friends.

Melanie Dore interweaves the past and the present in a highly entertaining an extremely well-written fashion.

It is a hardback book and is an ideal Christmas gift for the child who has a love of adventure and mystery.

It costs £10.99 and is published by Book Guild Publishing, ISBN 978 1 84624 890 0.  

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