Saturday, 21 December 2013

Beardog's Big Adventure

Beardog's Big Adventure is a charming book by Susie Tinson about a very friendly, very large and somewhat strange looking dog who is called Beardog.

Beardog lives on the streets of a small, Portuguese town called Ferragudo.

He roams round the town with his best friend Barnie, hunting for food and looking for friends amongst the many holidaymakers who visit the town.

But Beardog is sad. He doesn't belong to anyone or anywhere and he is desperate to find a loving home.

But Barnie has heard of a place far, far away where odd-looking animals are accepted and made to feel very welcome, cherished and loved.

This is Beardog's Big Adventure.

It is an extremely well-told story ideal for children and their parents. It is very well illustrated.

It is in hardback from and costs £9.99.

It is an ideal Christmas present.

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