Monday, 29 August 2011

Party People: How we Make Millions From Having Fun

How We Make Millions from Having Fun - By ‘Secret Millionaire’ David Jamilly is an interesting book.

It's a semi-autobiographical book and is written by the co-founder of London based events empire Theme Traders, with the assistance of experienced author Tammy Cohen.
Party People contains expert advice compiled from the director of a company which has been at the head of the event management industry for in excess of two decades.

Party People reveals how a quirky brother and sister, who left school at fifteen, came to be running the UK’s leading events company, numbering amongst their clients some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

The answer involves a lot of hard work, a lot of good judgement and a lot of learning by mistakes. In this entertaining, inspirational and often humorous book, David Jamilly and his sister Kim tell the story of their journey from scraping a living as children’s entertainers (something they sort of fell into) to being heads of multi-million pound events empire Theme Traders.

It also tells the equally fascinating story of the Jamilly family who started as cinema impresarios in the Middle East and became famous for entirely different reasons as highly successful entrepreneurs in London. (The family would make a superb case study for the Who Do You Think You Are? TV series.)

Their honest, warts and all yet amusing account of what they did and how they did it, which details their mistakes as well as their triumphs is crammed full of party tips, practical suggestions and enthralling real life party stories and will appeal to budding entrepreneurs, professional event organisers, and anyone who just wants to know how to throw an unforgettable party. It covers events ranging from shoe string budget DIY affairs to lavish dos and celebrity bashes. They have done everything from wedding anniversaries to organising parties to billionaires and royalty. Even at least one at Buckingham Palace!

A combination of biography, inspiration and practical advice, this book -described as a page turner page turner, a description I cannot disagree with!- from ‘Secret Millionaire’ David Jamilly offers the most compelling insight ever published about the Party Planning and Events Management industry. And the kind of person who can make a success of it!

Aside from being a self professed party man, David Jamilly (also a reasonably successful pop musician, not unknown to appearances on Top Of The Pops!) is also the founder of Pod’s Children Charity, the Good Deeds Organisation and the co-founder of Kindness Day UK.

The book traces their careers, starting at the family-owned Laurence Corner business. This was one of the first and most successful army surplus dealers in the UK and an important theatrical costumiers, too. Filled with quirky goodies from Zulu shields to pre war police lanterns, it was a godsend to people needing workwear, hippies, film makers and everyone and anyone who wanted something just a little bit out of the ordinary. Well, or something quite a lot out of the ordinary, it must be said! (The Christmas that your author bought all of his presents from Laurence Corner was one of his best ever, taking into account the genuine WOW! factor of the many and varied gifts that he made purchase of. They were also trying to sell a complete army field hospital at about that time. I wonder if they managed to sell it?)

The book is a very easy read, yet very informative, it costs £8.99 in paperback from Indenpress.

To purchase the book -at a discounted price- please visit

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