Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New book proves being fair, not competitive is the way to achieve a happier, healthier, more prosperous life

A new book shows that being fair rather than being competitive is really the way to achieve a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Lynne McTaggart is one of the women who are pioneering the latest research and findings into the crossover between the fields of science and spirituality and her new remarkable findings are related in a paradigm-shifting book, The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us.

This book couldn’t be more timely with the recent UK riots and the global challenges that face us all. Human beings are the most powerful species on Earth, perhaps – but we have got there by being the fairest, and not the fittest, new findings in biology are demonstrating. Our biological success story is more to do with our ability to share and empathize than just adapting to our environment – and we even have a ‘fairness spot’ hard-wired into our brain.

This belief — that the essential impulse of human beings and all of life is a will to connect — is at the core of THE BOND and is the result of Lynne McTaggart’s extensive research into the work of frontier scientists in a vast array of disciplines.

In fact, argues McTaggart, an award-winning journalist and author of the international bestsellers The Intention Experiment and The Field, all the crises we face today, including the financial recession, have occurred because the lives we’ve chosen to lead are not consistent with our trusting nature as givers and sharers.

“Currently, we maintain this view of the universe as a place of scarcity populated by separate things that must turn against each other in order to survive. We’ve all simply assumed that’s life,” says McTaggart. “But that’s not the story science is telling us anymore.”

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