Thursday, 12 May 2011

“Learning to be happy made me rich!”

Just over ten years ago Sue Stone’s life was at rock bottom. Faced with business collapse, marriage breakdown and £250,000 worth of debt, happiness was the furthest thing from her mind.

Some time before then things had been rosy. Sue was happily married, had three wonderful children, was managing director of her own manufacturing company and lived with all the trappings of wealth and success. Then, within the space of just a few short months, her world came crashing down around her.

Sue says, “Things weren’t going well in my marriage and I took my focus off the business. Very quickly, things started falling apart. I will never forget the day I realised that we were up to the limit on every single credit card, business and personal account. Literally, all I had left was £10 in my purse.”

Unable to face what was happening, Sue’s husband simply walked out of her life leaving her to bring up their three children single handedly, try to rescue the business and to fend off the mortgage company who were threatening to repossess her house and make her homeless.

Sue says, “When I woke up the next morning I realised that if I carried on the way I was going I would lose everything. I was not prepared to accept that this was going to be ‘it’.” Instead, she set about discovering ways to improve her life. She read every self help book she could get her hands on and made a conscious, decisive choice that she would implement what she learned into every aspect of her daily life. Sue’s relentless pursuit of happiness led her to spend several years researching the incredible power of our thoughts, our subconscious mind and the astonishing power of our feelings.

Sue’s work on herself and the reprogramming of her thinking had incredible results. By removing all negative thoughts, focusing only on the positives in her life and consistently visualising her ultimate dreams for the future, Sue slowly but surely saw her life transform into one of abundance and joy. She was able to leave the dark days of fear, debt and unhappiness behind her and focus instead on all that she did have to be grateful for and the excitement her future had to offer. She wrote a book about her journey in 2007 Love Life, Live Life and at the same time decided to dedicate her life and career to sharing her new found knowledge with others.

Sue now lives and breathes all she has learned and works nationally and internationally where her clientele includes celebrities and top businesspeople. She is regularly invited to speak at events and conferences about her experiences and contributes to TV, radio and press. Sue passionately believes that the innate ability to experience abundant happiness, wealth and success lies within all of us. We just need to know how to access it! Sue says, “I used to believe that wealth brings happiness. Now I know the opposite is true: if true happiness comes first, wealth and abundance will follow.”

Sue will be featured in the latest series of Channel 4’s successful series The Secret Millionaire on 24th May. In the show, Sue travels to one of the most deprived areas of Coventry where she goes undercover as a trainee radio reporter and goes to Radio Hillz FM and out on the streets with Kervin Julien - a former drug addict turned charity worker to witness the plight of the city’s homeless. It was a particularly emotional journey for Sue, who says, “It reminded me of just how close I came to losing it all and how easy it would have been to become homeless myself. It was an extremely humbling experience.”

Sue is author of the best selling happiness book, Love Life, Live Life. Her website can be found at

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