Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bruce Dickinson Insights

Bruce Dickinson  Insights is a stunningly original book by Brigitte Schon.

It is subtitled An Interpretation of his Solo Albums.

Known for his great musicianship, his lyrics, hisability as a TV presenter, a pilot a fencer a record producer,  and his specialist real ales (Just try his Trooper real ale. It'll be a real revelation to you!)  Bruce Dickinson is a sort of modern day renaissance man. Or a polymath.

This book helps the reader explore Bruce Dickinson through the interpretation of his lyrics from his solo albums.

Unfortunately the powers that be behind Iron Maiden decided that it would be wise to refuse Brigitte permission to reprint the lyrics. Which, one might argue, would somewhat risk devaluing the whole thrust of the book.

The problem is with the powers that be of this type is that although they know the cost of everything, they know the value of nothing.

However, despite the attempt to hobble this book Brigitte is able to use her considerable skills as a researcher and a writer to throw some illumination onto the lyrics of Bruce Dickinson.

Brigitte manages to use snatches from the lyrics and interviews with Bruce and others to offer a sensitive and heartfelt  analysis of the lyrics that  Bruce has created and sent out to the world.

This is a truly amazing book and of you Bruce Dickinson  Insights a fan of Bruce's  music,  you really do need to buy this book.

It costs £9.99 and is worth every penny.

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