Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dark Nights: Whitewater by Norman A. Viles

Dark Nights: Whitewater by Norman A. Viles is described as a detailed memoir about the sport of sea fishing.

The memoir by Norman A. Viles is filled with the excitement, suspense, thrills, spills, danger and pure joy of sea fishing, but it is added to by the Yorkshire humour of the author that illuminates the book like a lighthouse of glee on a rocky promontory on the Yorkshire coast, jutting out into the icy waters of the North Sea.

Norman is a gifted raconteur and a skilled storyteller and his joy for the life of a sea fisherman shines through this engaging book.

There are tales of fishing from sunny beaches, of fishing from rocky cliffs on a dark, cold winter night, of fishing from boats (including one bought and lovingly and carefully rebuilt by Norman and others.

Learn of sea angling competitions of catches lost and of catches made, of trips around the bay, of trips made to bays in foreign seas, including a number of memorable trips to the waters off the coast of Ireland.

I am not an angler by any stretch of the imagination, but by the power of the story telling abilities of Norman A. Viles, I could almost feel the weight of the rod as the fishes took the bait, almost feel the wind and taste the tang of the salty sea air. Will I take up sea fishing? Probably not. But having read this book, it's almost as if I did...

If you have any kind of angler in your life, it will be the "must have" book for their Christmas stocking this year.

And if you are that angler in your life,  at only £9.99, this book will make the ideal self-given early Christmas present. Or give family members some very heavy hints about this book. Such as emailing them the url to this article!

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