Sunday, 22 December 2013

Who or what was Lee Harvey Oswald? New book has startling answers

A new book by Glenn B Fleming has some startling answers to the question of who or what was Lee Harvey Oswald?

The official line was that he was a failure as a U.S. Marine and that he was a disaffected young man who defected to the Soviet Union but came to regret his decision to defect and returned to the U.S.A., with his tail between his legs and with a Russian wife.

Even though he returned from the Soviet Union he still harboured left wing views which caused him to decide to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

However, in his book 'S-172, Lee Harvey Oswald Links to the Intelligence Agencies' Glenn B Flemming raises some interesting points and facts that mean the "crazed, disaffected leftward leaning lone assassin" model of Lee Oswald is really no longer sustainable.

For it transpires that Lee Oswald had actually been sent to the Soviet Union as a deep cover agent, most likely by the CIA. Incidentally, Lee Oswald had very high level security clearance as he worked with the U2 spy plane operations, so was not the failed Marine that some people have claimed.

Fleming reveals that Lee Oswald was involved in a veritable alphabet soup of U.S. intelligence agency groups. The CIA, the FBI and the O.N.I.

He was variously involved as a spy or an informant, or a confidential agent, sometimes, it would seem, as a combination of all of those at the same time.

Fleming points out that in all likelihood Lee Oswald never owned the rifle allegedly used in the murder of President Kennedy, that the rifle was probably only a prop and was not used to shoot Kennedy,  that officer Tippit was shot by a fellow police officer who was one of the real killers of President Kennedy and that Lee Oswald was shot to stop him revealing the truth about what had happened. That Oswald, who probably thought he was infiltrating the gang that plotted the murder of Kennedy, was, in reality, set up to take the fall for the murder.

Fleming looks at the likely genuine conspirators and explores why they may have decided to mount what was, in effect, the most successful military coup in modern history.

The book is published in paperback by Empire Publications the ISBN  is 978-1-909360-19-8.

The website address of Empire Publications is

The book is an ideal Christmas present for students of modern history, students of politics and those interested in the Kennedy murder.

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