Sunday, 22 December 2013

"Map" found at Stonehenge

The second edition of The Stonehenge Enigma by Robert John Langdon has been published.

In it Mr Langdon claims that a map, dating back some 6,000 years, has been found at Stonehenge. And that this map (which was partially buried) depicts the legendary island of Atlantis.

However Mr Langdon is swift to point out that this is no legendary Atlantis situated off Africa or in the Mediterranean. This 'Atlantis' was a very real place, now under the North Sea and which is described as Doggerland by archaeologists.

The book is a fascinating read and Mr Langon makes some compelling points.

It is published by ABC in hardback and costs £14.99. The ISBN is 978-1-907979-02-6.

It is an ideal stocking filler for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

You can learn more at

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