Sunday, 23 October 2016

Shine on, Marquee Moon

Shine on, Marquee Moon is the debut novel of Zoe Howe who is one of the UK's leading music writers.

Although this is her first novel, Zoe has written five non-fiction books on thr world of rock music and she is also a drummer.

The novel tells the story of Sylvie who works as a dresser for a New Romantic band that is currently undergoing something of a 21st century revival.

Sylvie manages to become romantically involved with band member Nick. Nick is a fairly rare bird in the music industry, one might say. how so? He is the least unhinged member of the band and although he is something of a heart-throb, he is a somewhat reluctant heart-throb.

Sylvie and Nick bond amidst the drama, angst, fun and chaos of the tour of the band. They have a shared passion for the highly important album by the group Television, called "Marquee Moon."

Things are going very well for them. Perhaps too well?

 For a secret, a rather dark, dirty secret, at that, could threaten to totally wreck and destroy not only their relationship and blight any possibility of a future for them as a couple, but it could bring about an even wider circle of destruction, too.

The novel is a free flowing excursion through the public and private lives of Sylvie, her fiance Nick, his dog Brando and the other members of the entourage of the New Romantic band Concierge as they toured again.

But what does actually happen when the band is on the tour bus, between gigs? You might be surprised to learn the truth.

And what occurs to Sylvie and Nick and the other extremely well-drawn characters in this novel? You'll want to find out, as you'll be gripped from the first paragraph to the last of this refreshing, highly readable novel.

It is to be hoped that this is the first of many novels by Zoe Howe.

It is published by Matador in paperback and a remarkably affordable £8.99 and will make a most excellent Christmas present for the modern music fan in your life.

It's available from the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop and gift store.The portal to which you will find on the right side of this review.

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