Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Drying Naked

Drying Naked is an anthology of poems written by poet Theophanis Kleanthous.

The poems are an eclectic mixture of poems drawn from the rich and varied society in which we live.

The poem Drying Naked, for example, explores the intimacy of the very humble, yet important act of drying oneself.

After reading this poem drying myself will never again seem to be the mundane, ordinary act that it once appeared to be.

For such is the powerful imagery created by  Theophanis Kleanthous.

The other poems, A Kindness, Worshipper, A butterfly in love, Flowering for you, Disintegrating love, Impossible emotions and the other poetry in this work explore everything that there is about the human condition. Love, fear, hope, joy, grief, loss, knowledge, confusion certitude and more besides.

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