Sunday, 12 April 2015

It Always Rains on Sundays

It Always Rains on Sundays is a new novel by Roger Johnson.

It's a amusing read that has the ability to make you laugh. A lot.

Colin Quirke is 40, he is a poetry lover and works as a librarian.

He has been happily wed to Cynthia for 13 years, they have two children and everything is wonderful at their home in swanky De Lacey Street.

That's Roger's take on his marriage. But if you were to ask Cynthia, she would have a different opinion. For Cynthia is bored. Dangerously bored.

A new couple move in to the house next door, Eddie and Avril, who have a motto that "life is for living!" and this involves hosting wild, noisy parties.

Avril decides to take Cynthia under her wing and the two women begin enjoying girlie nights out on the town.

But then, Eddie finds out that life is for living only until the moment you get killed in an unfortunate micro-light mishap.

Cynthia decides to help Avril get through her pain by taking her over the Atlantic to Miami.

But then along comes a chap called Kevin Ranker who is a bit of a Lothario with a reputation for wrecking marriages.

Will Cyn and Col go their separate ways? Does Colin even care? After all, love amongst the stacks could beckon with the new librarian colleague. Plus there's the delightful Alison at the local Poetry Society.

What on earth will happen next?

It's published by Matador, is a jolly good read of over 600 pages and is £8.99 in paperback.

ISBN 978 1 78462 1 803

And as an E-book at £2.99

ISBN 978 1 78462 8 383

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