Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tookey's Turkeys: The Most Annoying 144 films from the last 25 years

Film critic Christopher Tookey has seen thousands of films during his long career as a respected film critic.

As you would expect he has seen films that he absolutely adored and some that he absolutely abhorred.

This book contains a detailed description of 144 of the worst of these films.

It gives information as to the plot of the film with a description of what the film was about.

Tookey explains cogently exactly what it was about the film that he felt earned it the dubious honour of being declared on of "Tookey's Turkeys."

Sometimes he feels the film glorifies violence or sexual excess, with some the productions he feels they were bedevilled by a poor script, indifferent direction, dreadful casting blunders, bad cinematography, failed post-production work and sometimes a combination of all of the failings mentioned here.

Some of the films are award-winning and the list does contain some surprises (300 and Alexander, are just two examples) yet Tookey always trenchantly argues his point and reveals exactly why he thinks the film is a turkey. And does so very convincingly.

It has to be acknowledged that Tookey makes some good points and his argument that the BBFC has made some strange decisions in recent years and seems to have somewhat lost its way are not without merit.

The book covers failed or successful Hollywood blockbusters, European arthouse films, British films including The Boat That Rocked, which he quite justifiably skewered for a variety of reasons, and a rag bag conglomeration of  various foreign films.

He has a dry, somewhat acerbic wit that he employs to extremely good effect when pricking the bubble of a pompous ass of a director, actor or scriptwriter.  

There are over 640 pages of erudite critiques of 144 films that, on reflection, should never have been made, or which should have been made, but which should have been made much better.

It is published by Matador at £12.99 and is a must have for every film and media student and every fan of the cinema, be they causal or dedicated. It will make an excellent birthday or Christmas present, for those of us who start buying Christmas presents early.

The ISBN is 978-1-78462-197-1.

You can purchase this book and others at the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, that is powered by Amazon and can be found on the right hand side of this site.

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