Wednesday, 24 December 2014

In Love with Paris

Thérèse provides top tips for penning the perfect circular letter

Novelist Thérèse, was so enlightened by time spent in Paris that she was led to write her latest novel, Letter from Paris, a witty and glamorous account of an inspirational characters trip to the city of light and romance, here she provides us with some top tips on penning the perfect circular letter during the holiday season.

“I'm always delighted to hear from people at Christmas. We live far away from many of our beloved family and friends. We keep in touch year round by email, phone and Facebook but of course it’s great to hear from people you've lost touch with over the years, but then sometimes when you get their circular letter you're reminded why you lost touch in the first place. They can be so impersonal.
If you feel the urge to share the highlights of your 2014 in a circular letter may I make the following suggestions based on a few we have had over the years?

1.       It is the HOLIDAY season…as in merry and jolly and peaceful. This is NOT the time of year or the correct way to announce the death of your dog or worse of a family member. We feel empathy. Don’t have us crying into our mince pies.

2.       Remember not everyone has summered in Italy, wintered in the Alps or scaled Mount Kilimanjaro. If 2014 has been our ‘Annus Horribilis’ you will only make us feel worse.

3.       Some of us have forgotten all about you, (what with you never returning calls or dropping us a postcard) and so the news of your recent wedding may spark a range of emotions, not all of them good.

4.       Avoid a literary tone you will come across as pretentious. If you feel the need to describe ‘the jacarandas of startling purple’ why not get yourself a blog?

5.       If you personalize your ending with a handwritten note try not to make it generic. Yes we are all well thank you and yes we hope 2015 is a really great one for you too.  We really do.  

Read more about Thérèse’s adventures at and pick up her latest novel ‘Letter from Paris’, published by The Story Plant and available from Amazon $11.71, as well as Kindle.

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