Saturday, 28 April 2012

Is employment red tape preventing growth? HR expert thinks not

Happy Working Relationships cover
Happy Working Relationships
In recent months, there have been calls from ministers and influential MPs to reduce employees’ legal protection and create a “Hire and Fire” culture as a way to boost economic growth.

But experienced HR consultant and businessman Simon Jones believes the real issue for many businesses, charities and social enterprises is a lack of knowledge of employment regulations and an incorrect assumption that the law prevents them from running their business effectively.

In his recently published book, Happy Working Relationships – the small business guide to managing people and employment law he argues that employers who behave in a positive manner will achieve greater staff motivation and business success.

Simon says: ‘There are plenty of business owners and managers who’re terrified at the idea of staff issues. Words like “TUPE”, “constructive dismissal” and “tribunal” strike fear into the hearts of many bosses, but most of the time there’s nothing to fear if you make sure you follow a few simple guidelines, use some common sense and exercise a bit of compassion. The book’s designed to demystify some of those scary HR terms and make sure employers get the best out of their most valuable assets – their employees.

‘There are plenty of books about finance and marketing for small business owners and charity managers,’ says Simon, ‘but not very much about this so-called – but vital – “soft skill”.’

Caroline Hinds, HR and Operations Manager of Creative England described the book as “A very clear outline of the working relationship process, with a very clever use of analogies to ensure clear understanding rather than confusing legal jargon. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has preconceptions of employees having the ultimate right in holding a business to ransom. It explains that a positive approach to people management in always the best option”

While HR Zone, the online HR magazine, commented “it provides a common sense view of all aspects of recruiting, managing, employing and ultimately dismissing staff... concise and extremely readable”. The book has also been featured nationally by the Federation of Small Business in their “First Voice” magazine.

Happy Working Relationships – the small business guide to managing people and employment law is published by Wordscapes, ISBN number 978-0-9566344-3-6, and is available online, or via Amazon, priced at £12.99. It is also available as an e-book from Amazon, iTunes, Waterstones and other leading e-book retailers (RRP £6.99).

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