Sunday, 8 January 2012

ANGLE OF ATTACK - Author Lee Baldwin Launches Flying-oriented Adventure Mystery Title on Amazon for Kindle

Author Lee Baldwin has announced  the release of his flying-oriented adventure mystery novel, ANGLE OF ATTACK, on for Kindle e-Readers. Vintage warplanes, extreme flying, quirky women, and diamonds diamonds diamonds blend in a fast-moving tricky plot.

Angle of Attack brings the reader to adventure and intrigue in a world of extreme flying, quirky women, and the power they covet.

Pilot Cicero Clay is a researcher of vintage WWII warbirds, a glider flight instructor, and an accidental convict. First, someone tries to kill him. That same day a former girlfriend becomes his shiny new Parole Officer.

This story is not about exploding cars and guys chasing about shooting at each other. These are more skillful and adventurous scenes of piloting gliders, flying WWII warplanes such as the P-51 Mustang, about an ordinary guy trying to get out from under the parole system. It's about an unsolved historical diamond theft, and pieces of a past Clay thought was gone forever.

While Clay pursues proof that he was framed and tries to stay alive, he struggles to complete his mission: piloting a stolen vintage fighter across three states to a secretive buyer. Added challenge: Clay has never flown powered aircraft.

To survive, Clay must deduce the motivations of shadowy characters, and face challenges that push him beyond his comfort zone. In action typical of the story’s unique action scenes, Clay finds out the hard way that a glider can become a murder weapon. And how to fix it before he hits the ground.

Amid the action, a charming personal story emerges, as Clay discovers a love he never imagined.

When asked how he conceived Angle of Attack, Baldwin said, "The core ideas came while studying to be a glider pilot. I found everyday flights in powerless gliders to be thrilling high adventure, so what would it be like to push that experience to extremes, such as using a seemingly passive aircraft as a murder weapon? This event became a key plot departure from the get go."


During the weekend of January 7 and 8, Angle of Attack was available as a free Kindle download, a promotion of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing programme. It now costs $3.05, but is still excellent value for money.)

(EDITOR: I am reading this book, now. Get a copy. Seriously. Get it from Amazon, this minute!) You can use the That's Books Amazon Shop, if you like, just get it!)


  1. Thank you for your supportive push wrt my novel, Angle of Attack. In under one week I have collected four 5-star reviews. Because I seek to reach people through my writing, your enthusiasm is wonderful payback! Thank you. Lee Baldwin

  2. I am reading this book online, about 2/3 of the way through it, and I am hooked. Thanks to Lee and Amazon.


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