Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Do YOU struggle with staff, colleagues? There might be a reason! And there's a solution, too

Managers who are technically and functionally competent might not be getting the best results out of their staff. So says a top business consultant.

Many managers who lack important communication skills are struggling to build rapport with staff, which in turn is impacting on business results. Recent internal research by Google looking at the top eight management skills in the eyes of employees, saw 'technical skills' languishing at number eight.

Managers who demonstrated a genuine interest in their employees, who communicate well, and conveyed a clear vision and goals were held in higher regard by employees and produced superior results than those with purely technical skills.

Experienced executive coach and consultant Gill Graves of Iridium HRD Consulting Limited based in Northamptonshire, believes the recent research by Google confirms management communication skills and the ability to build rapport with staff leads to significant improvements in organisational performance through better employee engagement.

Gill points out: "This research highlights the need for highly professional technical and functional managers to hone their communication skills.

"Managers require a range of skills - providing feedback, coaching, listening, building rapport, setting goals, handling meetings and asking questions.

"At a time when many organisations are trying to do more with less, a low cost solution for enhancing productivity is to equip managers with the so-called 'soft skills' they need to become highly effective."

Gill's book, 'Presenting Yourself With IMPACT at work' provides a toolbox of techniques, hints and tips for people who are looking to kick start or further their careers through better communication and presentation.

Andrew Brodie, Head of HR at Faccenda Group says the book provides "an excellent framework for any business leader or manager interested in improving their ability to deliver key messages and engage people effectively".

Gill Graves is an experienced executive coach and consultant in leadership and team development and a recognised leader in the field of business communications. She works with professionals in organisations both large and small including Vodafone, the Open University, BAE Systems and the NHS. Visit for more details.

'Presenting Yourself with Impact at Work' by Gill Graves is available for £12 at

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