Sunday, 23 October 2016

Little Professor and his Robot Factory

Little Professor and His Robot Factory is a wonderful new book for children -and their parents and grandparents, too!- that takes the reader on a whacky and wondrous journey through the world of science.

Marienne Parry is a retired teacher and she originally wrote The Little Professor and His Robot Factory as part of a lesson she was teaching her class about the world of robotics,

She eventually decided to re-write it as a book for all children.

It consists of three stories that introduce children to the fields of magnetism, electricity and light.

The readers follow the adventures of three of Little Professor's robots who are aided and abetted by their little helper friend, Scooper Man.

Children will learn about what happens when Magnet Man decided, not long after he had been built, to go out into the world beyond the factory to explore things for himself.

But as he is magnetic he attracts lots of metal things to himself, including a car, a gate and various other metallic items. 

In fact, local people mistake him for a weird monster!

Electric Man is a friend of Magnet Man. He can work out sums really, really quickly. so he goes to the local school to help the teacher. But what happens when the children misbehave? You might be surprised!

And then there is their best friend, Light Man. He is a little bit envious of his two friends who have had such big adventures outside the factory, but soon he, too, is having a wonderful adventure all by himself!

Then Light Man hits on the idea of holding a street party with the help and assistance of his friends and Scooper Man, to the delight of the local families!

The book is also charmingly illustrated.

This is a must buy book if you have children up to Primary School age and it is great for self-reading for older children and for parents or grandparents to read aloud to the children.

It's an excellent Christmas stocking filler.

It will be ideal for schools and local children's libraries. It can be bought via the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, which is just to the right hand side of this book review.

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