Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Libya, A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed

Libya, A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed is a memoir by Susan M. Sandover.

It is a real love story that spans multiple decades and several continents.

The genesis of the 320 page memoir was one blog post that Susan write after the death of her beloved husband.

With a twelve hour period that blog post had received in excess of 6,000 hits.

Many of the readers of the blog post pleaded with Susan to expand on the post to tell the story behind it.

And in 2014 Susan began to write the entire story.

Susan had chosen her spouse well, Bashir was a career diplomat i the Libyan Civil Service, who was a very enlightened and forward-thinking man.

They were there for each other, through thick and thin, living through the dangerous time of the Libyan Gaddafi regime, of dangers and traumas, of horrifying experiences brought about by Gaddafi and his government, the bombings by NATO armies including the USA.

There were also coups and a revolution and a blasphemy case, too.

But Susan does not want her readers to think that it was all bad. For Susan and her husband Bashir also enjoyed good times and good years together.

Unfortunately, Bashir fell ill and his family, who hated her and who tried to steal his lands during his illness, attempted to, unsuccessfully, destroy their relationship.

After his death Sharia law would only allow her to take one quarter of his property, the three quarters going to his siblings.

It is a truly gripping memoir and will be a wonderful Christmas gift for those people in your life who are interested in the stories of real people and the personal stories behind recent history.

It is published in paperback by Matador at £8.99 and is available from the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, the link to which is here:-

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