Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Latest release from Penguin Books: The Obsidian Throne

Top selling writer J. D. Oswald's fantasy series is reputedly one of the best ever in the history of fantasy writing.

But now with his latest work, J. D. Oswald brings this stunning series to a truly staggering conclusion.

For the Northlands, annihilation is looming.

Will it be utter destruction by the dragons?

Or will it be utter devastation by Queen Beulah?

Either way, things are not looking too promising for the Northlands.

However, beneath the city rests a sectret that the House of Balwen have closely guarded for millennia.

It is a treasure so vast that it is beyond comprehension and beyond counting.

However, in truth only a direct descendent of the original Balwen could open the escape routes from this subterranean cavern.

However, in order to unlock the power of this treasure, Pincess Iowen must needs to claim the Obsidian throne for herself.

At the same time, Errol and Sir Benfro are discovering that their destinies are drawing ever closer together.

In fact the future of all life within the Twin Kingdoms rests in the uneasy hands of these two heroes, unlikely though that might appear.

There must be dreadful betrayals and terrible self-sacrifice. And events will forever change the lives of both boy and dragon.

But who or what will prevail?

This is a perfect conclusion to this stunning series and at only £7.99 for nearly 600 pages will make a wonderful Christmas gift for the fantasy readers in your life.

You can buy it, and the other books in this series, at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at this link here


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