Sunday, 23 October 2016

Happiness Diary

Happiness Diary is a splendid new book from psychologist and researcher Narissa Phipps.

Narissa has undertaken detailed research on the concept of happiness and the result is this highly useful and extremely readable book called Happiness Diary.

It is aimed at helping and uplifting late teens and adults and helping them to become more happy.

Readers are encouraged to use the book for just five minutes a day and it is aimed at helping the reader to be able to create healthy and log-lasting habits towards happiness.

There are daily contemplations that are designed to inspire the read, plus there are daily challenges that are intended to test the reader.

It is intended that people reading this book will soon be able to experience the fact that actions really are better than mere words.

Narissa believes: "One day at a time, you can make a difference." And she is confidant that this can start for people once they begin to read her book.

The book can help readers to become inspired to change their attitudes to their own surroundings and also to others in their lives, in order to bring about a way of life that is truly happier.

Narissa was able to draw upon her qualifications as a psychologist and her experiences employed in the field of children's mental health.

The book will make an ideal Christmas present for those who are faced with the vicissitudes of life and who might need the highly valuable help that this book can offer.

It is published in hardback by The Book Guild and costs £11.99.

It is available from the That's Books and Entertainment book and gift shop, the portal to which you will find to the right hand side of this book review.

I believe this book will make a most excellent stocking filler this Christmas.

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