Sunday, 15 February 2015

Time for Tanechka

Time for Tanechka is a captivating novel by N. A. Millington.

It tells the story of how Arthur Benjamin who, at such a low point in his life that he contemplates ending that life, is shown another way by the enigmatic owner of an antique shop. Harry.

For Harry sells Arthur a curious egg timer like device. But this device could never time an egg. It is a device for traversing through time.

Somehow Arthur and the egg timer inadvertently transports Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna from 1914, just prior to the brutal murder of her entire family, back with him to his seaside cottage in modern day South Africa.

They challenge Harry who reveals that there are two such time travelling egg timers. And that he had lost one under circumstances that caused the death of his beloved wife.

Arthur (renamed Arty by Tatiana) and Tatiana are then propelled on a series of wild adventures back through the slipstream of time to witness at first hand a number of historical events.

But a evil jewel thief by the name of Winston Peabody is fast behind them, for he wants both egg timers.

Will true love prevail? Will the wicked jewel thief succeed?

This book is an exceptionally well-written tale that makes you care for the characters from very early on.

What happens to Arty and Tatiana? Will they discover true love together, or be ripped apart forever by the egg timer?

For an extremely modest purchase price of £13.99 you can buy this 445 page long paperback and find out!

I can heartily recommend this quirky and original book to you.

It is published by Matador.

The ISBN is 978-1-98462-209-1.

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