Monday, 30 April 2012

The Diary Of A Student Midwife

"Journal of a Student Midwife" by Ellie Ryan

Candid diary documenting the reality of being a student midwife

Ever since she had her own children in her early twenties, Ellie Ryan was determined to become a midwife - 'the best job in the world'! After her children started school, Ellie began the demanding training she needed to achieve her ambition.

Ellie kept a blog-style journal throughout her training; the result combines laughter and friendship with poignant reminders that life is never as simple as we would like it to be. There are high points as Ellie takes steps towards reaching her goal; gaining confidence in her profession and helping women bring their babies into the world.

On the other hand, Ellie worries that she will never have what it takes to become 'a proper midwife' and feels terrible guilt about the detrimental effect her pursuit of this career could be having on her family. This real-life story provides an intimate and candid account of the author's journey towards becoming a midwife and the struggle to balance her professional and family life.

After being made redundant from her job in a call-centre, Ellie Ryan decided she would return to college to train as a nurse. After working as a nurse for a year she returned to university in order to achieve her dream of becoming a midwife. Ellie is now a practising midwife.

31st May 2012.  £12.99 Paperback.  ISBN 978-1-84624-708-8
  • This real-life blog-style journal will appeal to student midwives and the midwifery and nursing professions, plus women in general who will identify with the pressures of combining work and home life
  • Candid account of midwifery training and the workings of the profession
  • Working wife and mother balancing the demands of her career with those of her young family

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