Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Very Peculiar Talent

When Tessie runs away from home she doesn’t want her mother to find her, but disappearing is easier than she had thought possible. Just what is her peculiar talent? An intriguing mystery which will keep you guessing.

Seventeen-year old Tessie runs away to London, away from home and an abusive step-father. She wants to go missing because she has taken all the money she could find.

On the train, she meets what turns out to be her saviour, a young man whose sister is in need of domestic help.

As she and his family become intertwined, the unlikely Tessie finds herself with two suitors. She marries, but a series of tragedies ensure that she once again disappears. Inspector Wilson and DC Sloane investigate, until a dead body turns up. Can this be Tessie’s final disappearance?

Action, intrigue and character drive the plot to a surprising conclusion.

An extract from A Very Peculiar Talent by Charlotte A Hutt is available to read at

Imprint: Bright Pen

Published: 5 December 2011

ISBN: 0755213939

RRP: £9.99 paperback, £3.95 ebook

Available from the That's Books Amazon book shop on this site.

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