Monday, 27 June 2011

We Live Forever - The Story Of The Woman With X-Ray Eyes

by Anne Owen and Peter Valentine

Reading 'We Live Forever' is said to be like watching the trees grow green in springtime. It lifts the spirit, and it lifts our awareness of the world beyond the senses.

'We Live Forever - The story of the Woman with X-Ray Eyes' is the fast-moving story of a highly gifted remote viewer Anne Owen who has been the subject of a great many press articles. Anne's remarkable X-Ray vision and extra-sensory experiences have had a remarkable impact on her life. At the age of twelve her remote viewing allowed her to avert a serious accident to the car in which she is travelling with her father.

This remarkable tale also describes Anne's development in aura seeing and the book includes instructions for everyone on how to achieve this for themselves. The story leads on to Anne's UFO experiences and she describes her involvement with a UFO crash, a Man in Black, and a young UFO abductee.

Next her interest in reincarnation develops, followed by a dramatic telepathic first meeting with her husband-to-be. Finding him to be her match in many areas of remote viewing, her husband Peter recounts his own development finally achieving his goal of finding documented proof of a former lifetime of his. Together they describe case-histories of people's former lives, showing the influence these can have upon us all.

Anne's exceptional ability to communicate with the discarnate is illustrated through case histories. A detailed analysis follows of how her astonishing X-Ray vision functions inside people's bodies with descriptions of the healing of many ailments including an African skin disease the cure for which was unknown to medical science.

Her clients have ranged from princesses and Heads of State to Ronnie Kray of Gangland fame. Finding herself at one of these parties which involved the plotting of a military coup to overthrow a Far-Eastern government, Anne warned the people involved saying if you go through with this there will be blood on your doorstep. Her advice was ignored and some weeks later television coverage showed images on the screen of the same man lying assassinated on the pathway in front of his house.

This amazing story goes on to cover some fascinating case-histories of crimes solved by this means, and the rescuing of three men trapped four decks down underwater in a sunken ferry (the "Herald of Free Enterprise") by remote viewing which was reported in the national press.

Anne relates stories of her involvement with some of her extremely wealthy high-flying clients, explaining how people can discover some of their own former lives; ending with a literally out-of-this-world perspective on the foundation of Western religion as some see it.

An extract from We Live Forever - The Story of the Woman with X-Ray Eyes by Anne Owen and Peter Valentine is available to read at

Imprint:Bright Pen
Published:Apr 11th 2011
ISBN (Paperback editions):0755213327
ISBN-13 (Paperback editions):9780755213320

Available to buy in paperback (£7.99) from; and

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