Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Summer With Ludmila

The Summer With Ludmilla is a bright and thoroughly modern take on several old themes.

It tells the story of the search for true love in our frenetic and frantic modern times.

In this d├ębut novel Pat Benson uses some of his own real life experiences in looking for true love as young and single man.

It tells the story of the romantic trials and tribulations of Ben Smith, a handsome and likeable young chap who, with his highly paid job in the City, is, something of an eligible catch. At least, that's the theory of it, because Ben seems to be struggling in his search for a young lady who would be The One.

He is confidant that moving from London to Oxford will make the difference, that the move will bring with it a range of new opportunities for love.

But somehow it never seems to work out how it should have done.

So he takes steps to make things work for him. Lonely Hearts adverts, speed dating, all to no avail. Because still, true love eludes him, with dates ending in a series of disasters and humiliating experiences of various and divers kinds.

But then, he meets Ludmila. She is a gorgeous au pair who is from Eastern Europe.

Is this it, then? Can Ludmila be Ben's Miss Right?

Does he find true love, after all his romantic disasters?

It is a moving and also somewhat humorous written novel and will be published by Matador on 28th June at £14.99.

It will, of course, be available via the That's Books and Entertainment online book shop, powered by Amazon.

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