Sunday, 17 May 2015

City of Darkness

City of Darkness is a new novel from D P Wright.

It explores a dark, dangerous place in the distant future. A place where the three Ds are reportedly running riot. Demons, Discrimination and Drugs.

It is a science fiction novel set in the towering metropolis called Dis.

Ever day life for the beleaguered inhabitants is a constant battle for light, air to breathe and even a struggle to continue living.

D P Wright takes their readers for a walk on the wild side of Dis, where they see the frustrations and fears of the inhabitants as they cope as best they can with class struggles and addictive drugs as they attempt to escape the grim reality that is their life.

Sebastian Kessler is the novel's principal character.

Kessler is like everyone else. His body is in the grip of an all-consuming addiction. He is out of luck, of time almost out of hope when hope, potential hope of something different for his life, when he is approached by Bethany Turner who needs someone to investigate the mysterious death of her uncle.

When a death is genuinely mysterious, there's often people who have a reason, or three, to make certain that the death remains just that, a mystery.

Soon the tyrannical and venal rulers of Dis, The Council, are very interested in what Kessler is doing and he is finding them taking an unfortunate interest in him and his work.

But then, the inhabitants of Dis begin to vanish, and a new highly powerful drugs is becoming very popular.

Are these events linked to the death of Turner? If so, how?

Strange creatures seem to be emerging from deep within the city and Kessler turns to an acquaintance, Doc Galloway, to help him make sense out of what evil deeds are being perpetrated upon the citizens of Dis.

Who, or what, is at the root of the troubles? Can Kessler and Doc Galloway discover what is happening? Can it be halted? If so, how?

It is due to be published on May 28th at £9.99 paperback and should be available as an EBook, possibly 99p, but this is to be confirmed.

It is published by Matador.

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