Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forget the Fear of Food, The Essential Guide, by Dr Chris Finn

Forget the Fear of Food The Essential Guide by Dr Chris Finn is an interesting book.

Nutritional consultant Dr Finn covers a wide variety of topics in her book. She asks, and answers a number of questions such as:-

Why can low fat foods make you fat? How can 'dieting'  make you put on weight? And how do you stop food controlling you?

The book contains much good advice and information on what happens when we eat, why some people eat more than they really should, the psychology of eating and dieting and how we can learn to control what we eat and not let what we eat control us.

However, a point of caution. The book seems to point out problems but fails to address them adequately. Dr Finn seems to imply that exercise will not help to reduce weight, and that sugar is the food of the devil.

She bases this on the fact that in 1972 John Yudkin published a book called 'Pure, White and Deadly' in which he roundly attacks sugar as being responsible for much of the ills besetting mankind. Although doubt has been placed on the results of his research. ("What's that professor? You fed a rat the equivalent of a human eating 100 pounds a day and it fell ill? Remarkable!" is a parody of the arguments raised, but there is a fair point. Rats aren't people and deal with sugar in a different way to people. )

I feel that the book would have worked better with an index, but it is a worthwhile book, even so.

It is published by Need to Know Books in paperback at £9.99.

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