Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Prayer for the Wild at Heart

A Prayer for the Wild at Heart is an absolutely delightful book that will make an ideal present for the person who loves cats.

It is a collection of photographs of cats and kitties. Some cute, some who although looking as if they are a street cat who would not mind going for a few rounds in the ring of life look as if they, too, would enjoy the odd tickle behind the ear, before perhaps biffing you one for your gross impertinence!

The page facing the cat photographs are filled with an extract from the works of a poet or an author (Wordsworth, Wilde, Kipling, Hesse, Calvino, Hood, etc) politicians (Carter, Jefferson, etc) and Philosophers and thinkers like Ruskin, Howard, Locke,Verne, Lao Tzu) and humorists (Twain, Billings, Chaplin, etc) .

It is a modestly sized hardback book that is well presented and well finished. The perfect sticking filler.

It costs £6.99 and is published by Bound Originals and SPANA, the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad which, since 1923, has been raising funds to provide free veterinary care, welfare work and training around the world.

The book is edited by Lucy Duckworth and the ISBN is 978-1-906181-08-6.

EDITOR:, If you buy direct from SPANA, you only pay £5.50 and the money raised by the sales go to help SPANA

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