Sunday, 23 October 2016

Thinking Lies Learning how to Believe in Yourself

Thinking Lies Learning how to Believe in Yourself is the new book from David Hulman.

It is based on and inspired by his own person experience and it is aimed at inspiring people aged 16 to 25 to gain belief in themselves and to go ahead with their lives and achieve their own dreams.

David Hulman points out that 16 to 25 is a period of immense physical and emotional changes for all of us.

He offers nine special techniques and strategies based on intensive research into the fields of numerous theories, psychology, neuro-linguistic-programming and a number of inspirational stories that are designed to help the reader to develop self-belief.

The background to this book is fascinating.

He developed a mental complex at the age of seven, which he called "thinking lies." He could not trust his own thoughts, what he believed or even what he remembered, or thought he remembered.

As he grew up and matured, he came to realise that this mental complex was merely doubt, something that everyone experiences but which, if left unchecked, can stop us from ever reaching our full potential. Which can thwart our attempts to attain our dreams.

David has written this book to enable those aged 16 to 25 to reduce or eliminate self-doubt and to help them attain their goals.

The book is published by The Book Guild at a remarkably decent price of only £7.99 and it will make a fantastic stocking filler for any person aged between 16 to 25.

He also runs a Youtube channel, #HelpFromHulman, in which he gives answers to commonly asked questions.

This book is available now from the That's Books and Entertainment book and gift shop. The portal to enter this bookshop is over to the right of this review.

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