Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Good Neighbours an epic tale of myth,magic, history and more

Good Neighbours, by Beth Hersant, is an epic tale of myth,magic, history and more. Much more.

It tells a story starting with the birth of an ancient tribe's medicine man, Myrddin.

Using the wonderful storytelling abilities of Beth Hersant it tells the story of the people, of our story, in a way, but in a way that is simply breathtaking in its intent and its scope.

It takes its readers on an incredible and truly epical journey telling the story of how we, as a people, began to be.

It deftly intertwines myth, religious thought, history and folklore to tell a story that spans an astonishingly vast range of time, from the Stoneage of 7,000BC, right through to our modern times.

It is like no other novel I have ever read, it's a fantasy novel, yet it is so much more than that.

Even though it is a novel it will help you to understand the how and why things have happened throughout the turbulent history of our island races, reflected in the myths of our island peoples.

I can heartily recommend this book.

I's 458 pages in length and costs £10.99, it is published in paperback by Matador.

The ISBN number is ISBN 978-1-78462-225-1.


  1. To Martin S -- Thank you so much! I have been really anxious about the book and how it would be received. It was lovely to find this review last night. I was so excited and pleased that I couldn't sleep!

  2. Beth, I am pleased you liked my review.


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