Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Ten Questions to Ask For Success

The Ten Questions to Ask For Success is a very lively and helpful book by acknowledged expert Phil Parker.

What use is a self help book that doesn't give you any answers?

In his latest book, Phil points out that the most important discovery he has made in over two decades of working in the field of personal development is this: providing solutions, advice suggestions or answers does not always help everyone.

Phil opines that there can be a problem with just providing the answer to a particular problem, or set of problems. Because if people do not go through the process of finding their own solution, the next time they are faced with another problem, they will tend to turn for help again. (EDITOR: I think it is also referred to as 'learned helplessness'.)

Parker takes the position that learning the skill of creating our own solutions lets us become more independent and skilled at finding and making the right choices and decisions for ourselves, not merely relying on other people for the answers all the time.

Parker points out that it is all about learning to ask what he describes as the key questions, at the right time in order for us to reach the right solution.

He has distilled these to a list of ten key questions. Questions which will, argues Parker, prove to be powerful tools to enable you to draw on the fields of personal and spiritual development, business, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hostage negotiation (yes, really!) that should see you equipped to make "great decisions" in all aspects  of your life.

Parker has used these techniques to help thousands of his clients to help themselves or other people to rid them of stress, worry, feeling dis-empowered, unmotivated or frustrated and can help them identify and counter self-sabotage.

Parker feels that if you read his book you will be able to feel more motivated, be better able to motivate others, find solutions in a calm, collected manner, even when under extreme stress, design your dreams and achieve them, ensure all the relationships in your life (be they work or life related) work well, flourish and fulfil you.

You'll also be able to manage your business affairs in a more effective way. Whilst also offering assistance to others to help them, too.

The book is out now. It is published by Hay House in paperback at £10.99.

The author Phil Parker is a qualified NLP practitioner, osteopath, hypnotherapist and an executive coach.

He operates a private practice in London. You can visit his website at

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