Sunday, 29 January 2012

Your Head Here: Your Guide To Real Bedroom Feng Shui By Sherwin Ng

This is THE book to clear all your doubts on Bedroom Feng Shu- the bed is regarded as the mountain within the house, and as such, a good bed location enhances good health, generates meaningful relationships, as well as augments power and authority.

Are you sleeping in the right sector?

In his highly-anticipated first book. Sherwin Ng introduces to you the importance of mountains in Feng Shui, and how these mountains affect your house and your bedrooms specifically. Transforming Classical concepts into modern application. this second book of the Fengshuilogy series gives you a fun, easy way to Feng-Shui-It-Yourself  by just turning to the page you need.

This is perfect for both the layperson interested to know if they have their beds in the right sector, and for the student of Classical Feng Shui looking for an alternative perspective on the simple but profound effects of mountains and the Feng Shui of the bedroom.

In this book: A concise, complete introduction on bedroom Feng Shui; An introduction to mountains and external Feng Shui; A complete chapter of bedroom rules in Feng Shui -- and WHY; All 16 Flying Stars chart for Period 7 and Period 8 houses; Technical commentary on the different bed locations for all 16 Flying Star charts in Period 7 and Period 8.

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