Saturday, 26 November 2011

Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory And The Ice Cream Castle By Sarahjane Funnell

Published by Gibson Publishing

Price: £6.99

Available: Monday 26th March 2012 from Waterstones and other leading book stores

Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book targeted towards the 3-6-age range and is the debut picture book by published Children's Author Sarahjane Funnell.

Phillipa loves ice cream. She loves ice cream almost as much as she loves her pet cat Little Miss Whiskers. Little Miss Whiskers is her fluffy white cat with a purple collar and bell. She doesn't like ice cream at all but loves nothing more than to curl up into a ball and fall fast asleep on the end of Phillipa's bed.

One day Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and Little Miss Whiskers embark on a deliciously exciting journey. Through a secret tunnel, they enter a magical dreamland where they find the Ice Cream Castle and discover every flavour of ice cream imaginable. The Ice Cream Castle seems like a dream come true but will it be just how Phillipa imagined? With all that ice cream, will she and Little Miss Whiskers ever want to go home?

Find out just what happens in this deliciously delightful adventure...

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