Monday, 27 June 2011

Just Help Yourself, The Common Sense Way

What do Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders all have in common?

In his new book, Just Help Yourself, Tom Lucas, a celebrity sports psychologist and motivational speaker who has helped change the lives of many top sporting professionals and business leaders, highlights the fact that these world famous icons never gave up on achieving their dreams despite facing numerous set-backs and challenges.

"Albert Einstein", says Tom, "did not speak until the age of four, did not read until he was seven, and was described by one of his teachers as 'mentally slow, unsociable and adrift forever in his foolish dreams'. Not only that, but he was expelled from one college and refused entry to another!"

"Thomas Edison made 10,000 attempts before successfully developing the electric light and when asked what is was like to fail so many times he replied, 'I did not fail, I simply discovered thousands of ways that wouldn't produce light'".

"Similarly, Colonel Sanders visited nearly 500 restaurants in an attempt to sell his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, and was aged 65 when he finally succeeded".

Tom is a firm believer that whatever talents, skills or interests a person has, they owe it to themselves to use them to the fullest, continually working on them to enable them to flourish.

Every day Tom encounters people who haven't managed to find a way to bring their fullest potential to the fore. Offering an alternative approach to dealing with life's stressful times, Tom uses a technique called Common Sense Psychology (CSP) which focuses on understanding that the real solutions to problems lie within us, not in external sources, and, with a little common sense, can be uncovered.

Using tips that Tom has finely tuned during his career working with top sporting professionals and business owners, Just Help Yourself is full of practical advice to help you take those initial steps to recognising that you, and only you, have the power to change the situation that you find yourself in.

With a foreword from the former England Captain Terry Butcher, Tom's book is packed full of common sense advice for building confidence, belief and self-esteem, eating nutritionally balanced foods, and the importance of taking time out.

Tom makes it crystal clear that it's not the destination, but the journey that is the key to success. Einstein, Edison and Colonel Sanders could have given up after each of their set backs but they carried on, confidently and with determined self-belief. What would our world today be like if they hadn't?

And their story could be your story; what would the world miss out on if you don't make the effort to achieve your fullest potential within your lifetime?

To discover Tom's common sense guide to dealing with life's ups and downs and achieving the life of your dreams, pick up a copy of Just Help Yourself from,
Amazon and all good bookstores. Published by the HotHive priced £8.99. Tom runs Head to Head Sports & Business Consultancy -

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