Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New book offers advice on returning to work after maternity leave

A new book from women’s coach Jessica Chivers offers advice on returning to work after maternity leave and how to strike the right balance as a working mum, from childcare to getting a grip on guilt.

Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on Guilt and Make a Smooth Return to Work

By Jessica Chivers

Published 6th June 2011, £10.99 PB

More and more mothers return to work after children, yet the journey is not always straightforward or easy– there are emotional and practical difficulties to overcome, not least the perennial question of how to manage both home and work successfully.

While the seemingly perfect celebrity mums in glossy magazines may make juggling family life with a career look effortless, the reality is that reaching equilibrium when you return to work without going insane requires support and some excellent advice!

Mothers Work! dissects and discusses the burning issues playing on working mums’ minds, with a warm, encouraging voice that nudges women to be proactive and gently draws mums away from the pressure of perfection. Jessica shows us that ‘it’s good to be good enough’ and explains how to do it. This book will help you to:

• know your ideal work scenario
• keep in touch and ask for what you want
• see your family as a team
• find childcare that fits your family
• get a grip on guilt
• go for ‘good enough’ at home
• get organised for a smooth return
• do what it takes to thrive

Filled with the voices of real working mums (Jessica surveyed 200 working mums), this book is a practical and positive read that encourages women to enjoy their work, helps them make a smooth return to work and ditch the guilt along the way.

Jessica Chivers, The Thinking Woman’s Coach, works with women from all backgrounds to help them achieve what’s important to them. She helps organisations retain and develop female talent and has worked with companies such as Barclays, M&S and the BBC.

With a business background, many years experience of coaching women in career transitions and her own experience of being a working mother, Jessica is well placed to guide women through the process of making a smooth return to work after having children. Jessica was recently selected as one of Stylist magazine’s top 20 ‘Ladies Who Tweet’, she lives in St Albans with her husband Nick and two children, Monty (4) and Artemis (2).

The 8 Mantras of the Working Mum:
Mantra #1: Know your ideal work scenario
Mantra #2: Keep in touch and ask for what you want
Mantra #3: See your family as a team
Mantra #4: Find childcare that fits your family
Mantra #5: Get a grip on guilt
Mantra #6: Go for ‘good enough’ at home
Mantra #7: Prepare for a smooth return
Mantra #8: Do what it takes to thrive

‘Jessica Chivers has done working mothers everywhere a favour by helping them get in touch with their G-spot. We’re talking guilt (what were YOU talking about?) If you’re thinking of returning to work, or are already there but tired of feeling frazzled, this book can help you get a grip.’ Justine Roberts, Founder, Mumsnet

‘Jessica Chivers is the perfect ally for a new mother who is pondering whether and how to go back to work. Her chatty style, empathy and wealth of anecdotes make this an easy read as well as a rich source of valuable advice.’
Octavius Black, CEO The Mind Gym

‘Just the ticket for those facing the perennial motherhood question of how to make work, work’
Allison Mitchell, author of Time Management for Manic Mums

‘Smart, warm and incredibly well-researched. This is THE book employers should be giving all their women returners’ Karen Pine, author of Sheconomics.

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