Monday, 18 April 2011

UK publisher makes inroads to US, Canadian market

The UK-based Biteback Media publishing group, which publishes Total Politics magazine in the UK, has expanded internationally with the purchase of three magazine titles.

Namely Campaigns & Elections (US), Campaigns & Elections (Canada) and Campaigns & Elections (Latin America). The purchases are via Biteback’s US arm Political Holdings Limited US Inc.
Campaigns & Elections (US) was founded in 1980 by Stanley Foster Reed. It covers the strategies, techniques, and personalities of modern politics.A spokesman for Biteback said: "It is read by tens of thousands of federal, state and local elected officials, candidates for public office, party activists, issue campaigners, political consultants, campaign staffs, lobbyists, PAC directors, university professors, news reporters and numerous behind-the-scenes opinion makers."

The acquisition was masterminded by Shane Greer, the CEO of Biteback Media and President of Political Holdings Limited US Inc., who will act as publisher of the Campaigns & Elections group of magazines. 

Mr Greer said: “This is a busy time for Total Politics and the Campaigns & Elections group of magazines. With the 2012 presidential election round the corner, and the editorial and event synergies between the UK, US, Canadian and Latin American titles the next couple of years promise to be an exciting period for the group.”

The founder and publisher of Total Politics, and MD of the Biteback Group, Iain Dale said: “I’m delighted to see Campaigns & Elections become part of the group. It’s a natural fit and the opportunities are tremendous. 

"It will also give Biteback Publishing a US base and enable it to expand its US book publishing activities. I look forward to seeing the group’s magazine interests expand and develop under Shane’s leadership.”

Mr Dale is a highly influential political blogger, commentator and broadcaster in the UK.

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